Going On A Road Trip? 3 Things To Have Repaired Before


If you have big plans this summer to head out on the open road and road trip it up with a bunch of friends, then first things first, you need to make sure that your car is working well. Other than having a car that's running, there are three other things that you should consider having repaired on your car. Are you ready to dive a little bit deeper and see what those three things are?

24 March 2019

Are You Worried That A Sudden Windshield Crack Will Interfere With Your Busy Schedule? 3 Tips To Make The Repair Go Smoothly


You are a busy person with way too much to do than to be stuck sitting at the auto glass repair shop all day. Yet, you are now stuck with a big ding in your windshield after a rock was thrown on the freeway, and you know that you cannot keep driving your car until it is repaired. Fortunately, you don't have to take up much more of your valuable time worrying about the problem.

6 February 2019

Windshield Information Car Owners Should Know


The windshield is an essential component of your vehicle, but it is a part of the car that owners commonly overly. This can contribute to individuals having fairly limited information about some of the upgrades that they can make to their windshields or the problems that this glass can suffer. Does The Entire Windshield Need To Be Replaced To Add A Tint? Individuals with light-sensitive eyes may benefit from the addition of a tint to their windshield.

29 August 2018

4 Tips To Help Driver's Avoid Rock Chips And Other Windshield Damage


Rock chips and cracks in the windshield are potentially serious issues that happen to vehicle owners all too often. While it is impossible to completely avoid this type of glass damage, there are some proactive choices drivers can make that can help limit the frequency and severity of this type of glass damage.  1. Choose routes to avoid road construction when possible Sometimes the simple act of adjusting your route can reduce the risk of having a rock chip or windshield crack occur, especially if doing so allows you to avoid areas of road construction.

17 June 2018

The Benefits Of Tinting The Windows On Your Car, Truck, Or SUV


Tinting the windows on your car, truck or SUV offers some benefits that might make it appealing to you but you have to remember that there are limits to the amount of tint that is allowed by law on most vehicles. The rules are different from state to state but if you have the windows tinted professionally, the installer should know the legal limits for your area. If you are going to tint your own windows, check the local laws first.

24 October 2017

Is It Important To Repairing Windshield Pits?


Windshield pitting is a common problem for car owners. Even though the damage might appear to be only cosmetic, the pits can leave your windshield vulnerable to further damage. If you have windshield pits, here is what you need to know: What Causes Them? Windshield pitting is usually caused by the glass being struck by debris at high speeds. For instance, a rock that spins out from the car in front of you and strikes your windshield can cause pitting.

15 August 2017

Remember Your Windshield


Many people will put off the replacement of a windshield until the ver last minute. However, this may be a bad idea because the windshield is a very important part of your car's safety features. The windshield supports the roof, and if the strength of the windshield has been compromised in any way, the glass may not support the roof in the event of an accident. So, it is important that you replace or repair the windshield.

15 August 2017

Auto Glass Scratches: What You Need To Know If You Have One On Your Windshield


A scratch can occur on your car's windshield for a variety of reasons. A rock may have grazed the window or the branch of a tree may have been rubbing on it. Regardless of how it got there, you may want it gone so that you have a clear line of sight while you are driving. If you have a scratch on your auto glass, here is some information you should know.

12 August 2017

Determining How Long You Can Drive With A Cracked Windshield


As you operate your vehicle on today's roadways, you are bound to encounter some obstacles along the way. Some of these obstacles come in the form of flying rocks or debris that can damage your vehicle's windshield. Replacing a windshield can be costly and inconvenient, so many drivers put off this task as long as possible. Knowing how long you can actually drive with a damaged windshield can be challenging. Here are three tips that you can use to determine if you can afford to wait to have your cracked windshield replaced or if you need to replace the glass immediately.

9 August 2017