Windshield Information Car Owners Should Know


The windshield is an essential component of your vehicle, but it is a part of the car that owners commonly overly. This can contribute to individuals having fairly limited information about some of the upgrades that they can make to their windshields or the problems that this glass can suffer. Does The Entire Windshield Need To Be Replaced To Add A Tint? Individuals with light-sensitive eyes may benefit from the addition of a tint to their windshield.

29 August 2018

4 Tips To Help Driver's Avoid Rock Chips And Other Windshield Damage


Rock chips and cracks in the windshield are potentially serious issues that happen to vehicle owners all too often. While it is impossible to completely avoid this type of glass damage, there are some proactive choices drivers can make that can help limit the frequency and severity of this type of glass damage.  1. Choose routes to avoid road construction when possible Sometimes the simple act of adjusting your route can reduce the risk of having a rock chip or windshield crack occur, especially if doing so allows you to avoid areas of road construction.

17 June 2018